Coconut Grove Bra Strap Holder 4003

Turns your Bra into a "Racer Back" Bra
4003, Coconut Grove,


Coconut Grove offers many different kinds of bras and accessories. The Bra Strap Holder holds your bra straps in place so the shoulder straps don't move or slide off the shoulder. Attach to the back of your bra: for Tank tops or Specialty clothing because the bra strap holder pulls in your bra straps across your back converting your bra into a Racer-Back/T-Back design. Attach to the front of your bra for specialty wear. Adjust as desired.90% nylon, 10% elastane,

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#4003    Coconut Grove Racer Back Bra Strap Holder
Strap connects through the straps in the back of your bra allowing those straps to sit closer to the middle of your back. Turns your bra into a racer back. Great for sloping shoulders,tanks & halter tops. White Nude Black One Size